Experiential Learning

Our students are career-ready with hands-on experience.
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Our mission is to provide you with hands-on experience to ensure you are career-ready upon graduation. How do we do that? By offering experiential learning opportunities where you’ll apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to build skills for the real world. You'll benefit from a variety of hands-on experiences.

Sarah Buezis, B.S Industrial Design
Sarah Buezis, B.S Industrial Design

Capstone Projects

This is your chance to showcase what you’ve created or learned. Maybe you (or your team) designed an original product or completed a community service project. 

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Construction student Joshua Carr works on a building addition at the Dunn County Humane Society. (UW-Stout photo by Brett T. Roseman)
Joshua Carr, B.S. Construction

Cooperative Education / Internships

Get paid for practical work experience related to your degree while earning credit towards graduation. Career Services makes your search simple, partnering with you to find your perfect co-op.

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Conor Dougherty, B.S. Environmental Science
Conor Dougherty, B.S. Environmental Science


Do you want to address a societal need? Get involved in an original learning activity connected to your degree.

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McKenzie Hazen and Derek Mataczynski, Criminal Justice and Rehabilitation majors
McKenzie Hazen and Derek Mataczynski, Criminal Justice and Rehabilitation majors


Grow while giving back to your community. Your service-learning experience can help you realize your academic and professional goals.

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Courtney Jones Holm, instructor at Sylvan Learning Center and Education Graduate.
Courtney Jones Holm, M.S. Education

Student Teaching

Take the lead in the classroom and create positive school experiences for your students. Our Office of Field Experiences will find the best placement for you.

Anothony Walloch in Alaska
Anthony Walloch, B.S. Environmental Science

Study Abroad

“You gain a lot of valuable experience in different communities and about different ways of life and how people interact with each other.”

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