Campus ID and Enrollment Verification

Follow these instructions if you plan on using your BlueCard as your photo ID.
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Bring your BlueCard to the polls.

Your BlueCard meets state photo ID requirements for voting. To be accepted at the polls:

  1. The card can be current or expired.
    1. Expiration date must be within 2 years of the issue date.
  2. Must be accompanied with a Voter Enrollment Letter.
    1. Make sure your local address is reflected in your enrollment letter.

Voter Enrollment Letter

For your enrollment letter to be accepted at the polls, it must reflect your current address as an enrolled student. You can update your mailing address prior to printing your enrollment verification letter.

Front entrance of Fleming-Hovlid HallCampus Residents

Students living on campus do not need to provide Proof of Enrollment on election day unless:

1) You have switched rooms after October 30th, 2020.

2) You have requested privacy from public directory information

If you 1 or 2 applies to you, then please bring your Proof of Enrollment.

Residence Hall Addresses
Ward Hall Street Address Polling Place
3 Fleming-Hovlid 220 2nd St W Dunn County Government Center
3 Red Cedar 201 2nd St W Dunn County Government Center
3 Wigen 106 1st Ave W Dunn County Government Center
4 JTC 200 S Broadway Dunn County Government Center
5 Antrim-Froggat 1015 3rd St E UW-Stout - Price Commons
5 North 124 10th Avenue E UW-Stout - Price Commons
5 South 115 13th Ave E UW-Stout - Price Commons
7 CKTO 1105 3rd St E UW-Stout - Price Commons
7 HKMC 1215 3rd St E UW-Stout - Price Commons



Update Your Mailing Address

Make sure your address reflects your current address as an enrolled student.
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Get Your Voter Enrollment Letter

Follow these instructions to download and print your proof of enrollment.
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Printing troubles? Don't worry.

If you have difficulty printing your Voter Enrollment Letter, showing a digital copy on your phone or device at the polls is allowed!

Disclaimer: This information is meant to give UW-Stout students basic information needed to vote in Wisconsin. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to all voting rules or provide election information of other US states.

For a more comprehensive information on voting in Wisconsin, visit Wisconsin Elections Commission.