Art & Design Week

Award-Winning Professional Development Event for Art & Design Students
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Art & Design Week is an annual professional development opportunity for students in the School of Art & Design (SOAD). This award-winning event is a collaboration between UW-Stout Career Services and the School of Art and Design to help connect students with employers, design professionals, and alumni. Industry perspective and feedback is invaluable and includes portfolio reviews, panel discussions, and workshops.

Save the Date! 

The next Art & Design week will be April 15-19, 2024.

How Can I Participate in Art & Design Week?

We will post an online registration form, where you can sign up to review student portfolios, participate in panel discussions, and host workshops.



Can I interview for an open position?
Art & Design Week is for professional development, not necessarily recruiting. If you are interested in interviewing students, please contact our Recruitment Coordinator, Stef Jax, at or (715) 232-1603.
Can I post a Co-op/Internship or professional position?
UW-Stout Career Services utilizes Handshake to connect our students and employer partners.
  • Post-professional and co-op/internship positions at no cost
  • Request on-campus recruiting interview schedules
  • Register for campus career conferences hosted by our office
  • Connect with our students and alumni
  • Sign in or create an account in Handshake