Grow, Persist, & Succeed (GPS) Program

Formerly known as Student Jobs Program
In this Section

The GPS Program is a student focused skill-building program, aiming to impact retention rates of UW-Stout students through career readiness and competency development achieved from campus-based applied learning experiences and intentional 1:1 career counseling and assessment.

The GPS Program will:

  • Be open to first-year, second-year, and transfer students
  • Continue to leverage campus opportunities and infuse intentional career development through inclusion of the National Association of Career and Employers (NACE) Career Readiness Competencies.
  • Utilize high impact practices via applied learning experiences with intentional skill building to create meaningful outcomes.
  • Continue connecting students to paid on-campus job opportunities proposed and hosted by UW-Stout faculty and staff.


Application window is currently closed. Next application cycle will begin Spring 2023. 

GPS Program Core Components

The following are the core components of the GPS program:

  • Leverage UW-Stout campus-based applied learning activities
  • Develop UW-Stout students career readiness competency skills
  • Assists UW-Stout faculty and staff in fulfilling project and operational needs
GPS Program Goals/Outcomes

The following are the core components of the GPS program:

  • Foster engagement from underrepresented UW-Stout student communities
  • Assess the impact of campus-based experiences on student career readiness competency skills
  • Impact UW-Stout student retention and persistence rates