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January 2024
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January 2-20, 2024 

The Job Shadowing Program provides UW-Stout students an opportunity to visualize what their career might look like in a more realistic setting.  The program is designed to show students a hands-on, realistic, "typical workday" experience. Job shadowing experiences are designed to be short, temporary experiences. Students and host employers will arrange exact start and end times. 


  • Connect with UW-Stout students interested in your career field/industry/organization
  • Opportunity to “give back” by sharing knowledge and experience with new professional
  • Build your relationship with UW-Stout Career Services

Quick Overview

  • Job shadowing experiences take place between January 2nd – 20th, 2024 
  • Job shadowing experiences are one day (minimum of 6 hours), or a virtual informational interview 
  • Exact date and time of the job shadowing experience is scheduled at the discretion of the matched student and host employer 
  • Students visit the job site to observe day-to-day activities of a professional in a career field of interest.   
  • Employers share knowledge about their professional position, answer questions about their career field and company/organization 
  • Students do not receive academic credit or payment for this experience 
  • Students are 100% responsible for their own travel arrangements, lodging and any other expenses 


Host Registration

When and how long is the Job Shadowing Program?

The program takes place over Winter Break, three weeks in January.  Employers will host students for one day (minimum of 6 hours).  


How do I apply to be a host employer?

The application process is online. Employer registration will be open from late July to early October.  

*Dates subject to change based on availability of programming resources




Where are the job shadowing experiences offered?

Job Shadow hosts can be located anywhere, however, we do not guarantee the placement of a student.  

What do students do during their job shadowing experience?

While shadowing you, students will be observing your day-to-day activities to help them gain insight on this particular career interest. The student may provide very limited assistance with projects or tasks to help them get acquainted with your organization. This is not designed to be “work”.

Do I pay job shadowing students?

No, students do not receive payment for this experience.  It is a shadowing experience, not a work experience.


Do I provide transportation, lodging or cover experiences?

No, students are responsible for their own experience and arranging their own transportation and lodging if needed.

Can I host more than one student?

Yes, of course.  This information will be gathered when completing your online application. However, do keep in mind the responsibilities of being a host before committing to a larger number of students. You will want to consider how you structure the job shadowing day if you have more than one student in order to allow for the best experience for all involved.

How are students matched?

Interested students will submit an application answering questions about preferences, career interests, major, and location.  Career Services will match students based on the application.  Once a match is made, Career services staff will send an email confirmation to the student and host employer contact.  This e-mail will connect the student and employer so you can begin to arrange dates/time with your student(s). 

What information will I receive about my student(s) before

Employer hosts are notified of their matches prior to Thanksgiving break. You will receive the name and contact information of your student(s) as well as their major, anticipated graduation date, their short responses to questions about their professional and academic interests, and their goals in participating in the Job Shadowing Program.

We do not, as a rule, collect resumes from our participating students. Many are still working with our Career Services Counselors to craft their resumes.

You are welcome to correspond with your student(s) before the job shadowing day and, if you wish, you may ask them to send you their resumes.

Am I guaranteed a student?

While many students enjoy the opportunity to experience job shadowing, we do not guarantee a direct match. Matches will be dependent on the number of student applications received. You will be contacted via e-mail by Career Services once a match is made.

What about liability?

The University of Wisconsin - Stout will not take responsibility for any incidents occurring during the job shadowing experience. Student and employer should review all necessary safety rules and regulations.

Employers should provide necessary safety briefings and equipment to the student prior to the beginning of the job shadowing experience.

It is the student's responsibility to disclose any medical conditions that might result in safety concerns prior to the visit. Arrangements for accommodations can be discussed, if necessary.

Required waivers, permission forms, Release of Liability, non-disclosure, confidentiality forms should be provided by the employer and read and signed by the student if required by the company/organization

My company has special requirements regarding privacy

To help address this risk you may want to consider:

  • Discussing specific confidentiality or privacy requirements at your company with the student(s) upon arrival.
  • Requiring students to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Building greater structure into the job shadowing day schedule in order to limit student access to secure areas or information. For example, a series of formal informational interviews may be more appropriate than informal one-on-one shadowing.
  • Limiting access - Do not grant student(s) access to secure areas or areas where they are likely to encounter confidential information, or ensure they are always accompanied by a staff member when in these areas.

Career Services staff members are happy to discuss your company’s unique needs to help find the best way to address your privacy concerns.

Tips for successful shadowing experience:

Students should come prepared with questions for you, so feel free to follow their lead. If needed, here are a few topics to get the ball rolling:

  • Trends affecting your industry
  • Daily challenges and requirements of your job
  • Your interests, educational background, and career path
  • Advice for someone wanting to get into your industry and/or your particular company
  • Classes the student(s) should consider taking
  • Experiences/internships that the student(s) should have if they want to pursue a career in your field
  • Suggested publications or professional associations they might explore