Communication Studies, Global Languages, and Performing Arts Department

Our department and faculty offer a strong curriculum that embraces a range of traditions.
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Our Communication Studies Mission

Communication skills are vital to our development as a whole person. Our Communication Studies faculty and staff are dedicated to empowering you in the development of your communication skills to prepare you for success in your personal and professional relationships.  

Communication Studies courses ground theoretical and rhetorical concepts in practical, career-focused and civic-minded applications that emphasize communicating ethically in an increasingly diverse world to promote civic engagement and innovative solutions to problems facing the world.

Communication Studies Minor

Do you want to enhance your ability to express ideas clearly and concisely?
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Our Global Languages Mission

The Foreign Languages area exists to validate and support UW-Stout's mission to educate and prepare you to live, work, and serve in a global society.

Through our classes and minor programs, the Foreign Languages area offers you opportunities to explore, examine and learn about domestic and foreign cultures through language learning in all its facets, with outcomes that are measured in your cultural awareness, linguistic ability, and humanistic preparedness.

Applied Foreign Languages Minor

Do you want to gain greater confidence in communicating across languages?
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Spanish Minor

Do you want to develop the ability to interpret the nuances of Spanish, whether spoken or written?
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Our Performing Arts Mission

The Performing Arts provide you with a creative outlet to enjoy and develop skills as a performer and to further refine and explore your artistic talents.

Studies in music and theatre teach expression beyond the written and spoken word, connect to a tradition of cultural awareness, and explore creative new works of art. The Performing Arts investigate our expressions of humanity, create connections beyond subject boundaries, and draw us together, allowing us to relate in meaningful and enduring ways

Performing Arts Minor

Continue or begin your exploration of the performing arts, while you pursue the career of your dreams.
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Arts & Entertainment Events  

No upcoming events.
Stout Theatre presented Little Shop of Horrors in spring 2017. Photo credit: Timothy Mather.

Theatre at Stout

Shine - on stage and off.
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UW-Stout Symphonic Singers and Chamber Choir in concert, Fall 2016.

Choir at Stout

Make great friends, sing great music.
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Symphonic Band performing at the Great Hall, MSC. Fall 2015.

Band at Stout

All student instrumentalists are welcome.
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