The Stout Game Expo (SGX) invites you to play dozens of student-made games at a virtual event.
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Virtual Game Expo is LIVE - Time to Play!

SGX is all online this year with a virtual showcase of games and interactive experiences created by senior through freshman students of UW-Stout's Game Design and Development programs! 

Browse the virtual Stout Game Expo from this website or download the fully-hyperlinked SGX event program.

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SGX Spring 2021 Award Winners

Intro to Game Design (GDD 100)

Outstanding Visuals

Grudgemental Ghosts
Mortal Ascension

Honorable Mention: Chick Magnet, MEATBAGS, Mistakes Were Made, Nightmarish Next of Kin


Outstanding Gameplay

Familiar Faces

Honorable Mention: Bug Hunt, Grudgemental Ghosts, MEATBAGS, Mistakes Were Made

Video Game Development (GDD 200)

Outstanding Visuals

Froot Punch
Homeless Hamster

Honorable Mention: Kill All Gods, The Last Song, Project: Husk


Outstanding Gameplay

Kill All Gods

Honorable Mention: Alchemist Exile, Monster Farm

2D Game Design & Development (GDD 325)

Outstanding Visuals

Magma Mission

Honorable Mention: Battle of the Seas, Kaguya: Star Chaser


Outstanding Gameplay

Hat HighRise
MonkE Pew Golem
Squared Up

Honorable Mention: Kaguya: Star Chaser, Magma Mission, Olek, Stronger than Brass

3D Game Art & Engines (DES 350)

Best Visuals

Temperance Gardens

Also nominated: Capital City


Best Interactivity

Seldom Seclusion

Also nominated: Hallways

Game Design Capstone II (GDD 451)

Best Visuals

Dawn of the Falkonir


Best Gameplay

Dawn of the Falkonir




GDD 100 Games

Play dozens of board games created by Game Design and Development 100 (GDD) students.
Get some game on!

GDD 200 Games

Exciting games created by Game Design and Development 200 (GDD) students.
Check it Out!

GDD 325 Games

Variety of multi-player, puzzle and party games created by Game Design and Development 325 students.
Game Party!

GDD 450-451 Games

Amazing games created by Game Design and Development 450-451 (GDD) students and playable for the first time anywhere!
These are awesome!

DES 350 Interactive Environments

Incredible interactive environment games created by Game Design and Development DES 350 (GDD) students.
Virtual world thrill

SGX.21 Indie Games

Taking game development to new and exciting levels of engagement!
Play the alpha game!