Picture of Brian Teague

Brian Teague, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Phone 715-232-1448
Office 325 Jarvis Hall-Science Wing

Hello! I've always been fascinated by the living world around us – and the DNA, proteins and cells that unite all living things, from the smallest bacterium to the tallest redwoods. I joined the UW-Stout faculty in 2018, and I teach Introductory Molecular Cell Biology (BIO 136), Genetics (BIO 132), and Human Biology (BIO 132). I believe we learn science by doing science – so my classes are full of active learning and my labs get students involved in real-world research projects. 
I also believe that biotechnology has the potential to change the world. My research uses genetic engineering to solve both basic and applied biological problems, from trying to figure out why yeast cells commit suicide, to turning cheese whey into vodka. And I LOVE to work with students – if you're interested in collaborating, get in touch!