Channeled Resources Group pursues ISO certification with a little help from friends.

An MOC Success Story
August 22, 2022


The parent company of Channel Resources Group identified the potential of what a ISO 9001 certification would bring to the organization. Two factors drove the decision to pursue the certification: 1) The implementation/improvement of the Quality Management System (QMS) will support and strengthen the organization, and 2) ISO certification supports the growth and confidence in expanding markets and existing customers.


A resource was sought to guide an ISO 9001 QMS Facilitation to meet the ISO 9001 standard with best practices and supporting customers. “The experience of UW-Stout’s MOC was the value in partnering on this initiative,” stated Chad R., Quality Manager. “This was the most effective ISO implementation I have ever been through”, said Matt C., Division Leader. “MOC guided us through a change process while adopting the good things we do.”


Chad R., Quality Manager explained, “Pairing an MOC representative with an internal person who was dedicated to the success of the project, allowed us to beat our estimated timeline with comfort. Most importantly, the combination of the MOC structures and personnel, combined with the methods we had already developed to be successful, led to satisfying the ISO demands and simultaneously improving our established systems. MOC helped us maintain our focus and deliver, a critical requirement with projects of this magnitude. It was well done and much appreciated.” Additionally, Chad R. said, “The third-party registration/certification audit showed how we do things and what the system does. The team was very comfortable going into the audit thanks to the training, coaching and facilitation provided by the MOC. The bottom line, the QMS and certification supports our growth plans working to double sales and market share”.


“The MOC staff was excellent working with our people. They fostered an understand of the practices and the value of the system.”

- Matt C., Division Leader