Corporate Relations & Economic Engagement

Linking the extensive resources of UW-Stout to business, industry, and community.
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UW-Stout is proud to uphold the polytechnic tradition of blending theory with practice to generate real-world solutions. We can apply the full depth and breadth of our resources to help your business in many aspects, including:

  • Manufacturing process improvement
  • Data analyzation
  • Research and technology application
  • Workforce training
  • Professional development 
  • Leadership development
  • Prototyping
  • Product development

The Office of Corporate Relations & Economic Engagement is the University of Wisconsin-Stout's primary outreach and engagement organization. We are a vibrant group of skilled problem solvers, gifted learners, and action-oriented colleagues working together to overcome hurdles you face in process improvement, product development, business growth, continuing education, culture development, applied research, and much more.

How can our network innovate success with you today?

UW-Stout's Office of Corporate Relations & Economic Engagement is ready to help you achieve personal and professional development goals for your staff and yourself. We can help you reduce working capital costs, eliminate waste, promote operational improvements, and increase your customer satisfaction rate with guidance from the experts at UW-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center.

Taking your product idea from concept to reality can be daunting, especially if you're unfamiliar with research protocols, cost analyses, manufacturing issues, and legalities, commercialization. Let Discovery Center provide the innovative tools and expertise to spark your company's growth.


Improve Your Process

Let's talk about customized improvement strategies to impact the way you do business for the better.
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Grow Your Business

We have the experience, strategies, and tools to help you successfully navigate each stage of growth.
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Enrich Your People

We can help grow your workforce and bring your staff new skills, knowledge and confidence.
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Develop Your Product

Our experts can help bring your idea to life, from initial prototyping to market introduction.
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Realizing Affordable Healthcare

Businesses finding solutions through our CEO Peer Council.
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Industry Connections Report

Connections is designed to serve as a guide for how you can benefit from engaging with UW-Stout in a variety of ways.
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Interview with Jeff Dykes

Captain Jeff Dykes teamed with UW-Stout to develop the Northern Star digital compass.
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I wish we would've done this years ago! ...people are very involved and the culture is changing.
Michael Hunter Chief Operating Officer, Volm Companies

Corporate Relations & Economic Engagement

Corporate Relations & Economic Engagement

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