Graduate gains skills, confidence in supply chain management

Cops thankful for being pushed to new heights.
Supply chain management graduate Gregory Cops, in the Memorial Student Center.
Abbey Goers | December 26, 2018

Some students attend UW-Stout for a specific major. Maybe the campus is close to home or their friends are attending. But Gregory Cops enrolled based on intuition.

"I chose UW-Stout because my gut told me to," he said. "Now, reflecting on my time here, there are many reasons why I thank my younger self for making the selection that I did."

Now a senior anticipating graduation in December with a degree in supply chain management, Cops is proud to know he has the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to be successful in his career.

"I have been challenged in ways that have allowed me to grow academically and as a person," Cops said. "I have learned how to wrap my head around ambiguity in a problem, develop creative solutions and drive results. I believe I have learned the skills and abilities that will become the cornerstone of my professional success."

Identify your goals in life

Cops worked hard in school. He will graduate summa cum laude. He was awarded the Multicultural Student Scholarship and CSTEMM scholarships, including the Brinkman Supply Chain Management Scholarship and Bill and Patricia Hendrickson Supply Chain Management Scholarship

Supply chain management inspiring graduate Greg Cops, pictured in the Memorial Student Center.
Cops, pictured in the Memorial Student Center. / UW-Stout

Cops worked a part-time job, volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters, played club soccer and was president of UW-Stout's Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals student chapter.

It was challenging to balance his activities and schoolwork while trying to get enough sleep and stay healthy. Still, Cops suggested students get involved.

"It's important, especially in college, because it is a unique opportunity to grow as a person and gain valuable perspectives into other ways of life," Cops said.

Cops also suggested students identify what's most valuable to them, whether it be school, their spiritual life or sports. 

"I do not know what it is for you. But it is important to identify what your goals in life are and work hard toward them," he said.

Success is a choice

College has changed Cops in many ways. Much of this change he owes to the people he met. His friends and family, mentors and teachers pushed him to go beyond his best and supported him when he needed it most.

"I owe my success to the resources and people that I have been exposed to at UW-Stout," Cops said. "My appreciation goes out to my teachers and especially my program director Gene Gutman for pushing me to new heights. Surround yourself with good people and treat them well. You will not be disappointed."


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But Cops has his own strength of perseverance, as well. He believes success is a choice we all have the opportunity to make.

"Some of us have much larger challenges to face than others," he said. "However, every decision we make is an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. How we will face that decision is up to us."

The next step

Cops is wondering where to start the next chapter in his life. He and his girlfriend Megan, a UW-Stout alumna, know they'll move out of the Midwest, far from his hometown of Appleton.

He's interviewed with companies in San Jose, Indianapolis and North Carolina. Cops received a job offer as a procurement agent with Boeing in Seattle, where he served as a project management intern.

Cops and Megan are also thinking of taking a year away from work and giving their time through service volunteering, in mission work. 

"No matter the choice, I am confident UW-Stout has provided me with the skills and knowledge to be successful in whatever I do next," he said.

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