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Our 100% online bachelor's degree will provide you with the skills and expertise necessary to thrive in the ever-changing digital world.
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UW-Stout’s online Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing Technology (DMT) is ideal if you're committed to living or working away from campus. You’ll learn essential marketing and digital technology skills to engage audiences, sell products, and grow your company's brand. Wherever you live or work, our DMT online degree is designed to develop your creative, technical, and business talents to advance your career as a digital marketer.

Graduation cap

95% of Graduates Are Employed or Continuing Education.

Program Highlights

  • Courses delivered 100% online by full-time faculty
  • Consistent Fall, Spring, and Summer program course offerings
  • Support from Adult Student Services Coordinators and Distance Librarians

Our full-time tenured faculty have created an enhanced online learning environment that provides you with multiple opportunities to plan, create, and produce content in written and interactive media. We'll teach you more than just technology skills. You learn the complexities of modern business and how digital marketing aligns with business objectives.


Program Overview

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The DMT program's multi-disciplinary approach combines applied theory and hands-on learning to explain digital marketing strategies, tactics and tools, including the:

  • Creation of original content that employs marketing research to achieve organizational goals for digital distribution.
  • Development of web applications utilizing industry-standard markup, protocols and languages.
  • Evaluation of processes related to user analysis, design, development, and implementation.
  • Use of data to support dynamic user interaction with digital content.
  • Design and implementation of information and navigation plans using the principles of information architecture.

You'll be ready for a career as a marketing communications specialist, media planner, market research analyst, social media specialist, web developer, webmaster, multimedia developer, marketing strategist, SEO diagnostics consultant, e-commerce manager, creative developer or web traffic analyst.

Class of 2020: MaiZia Lee

Digital marketing online major juggled responsibilities, appreciated professors’ support
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The field of digital marketing needs a new generation of digital-savvy professionals well versed in areas such as HTML5 / CSS3, web development, server applications, scripting, responsive design, usability, SEO, XML, analytics, social media, animation, and multimedia. 

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Value for Your Money

If you're comparing UW-Stout's online degree customized instruction (CI) tuition to our competitors, keep in mind:

  • Customized instruction tuition rate includes the textbook rental fee.
  • There are no additional university-based semester or technology fees.
  • Students in customized instruction programs pay the same rate of tuition regardless if Wisconsin residents, out-of-state or international participants.

Prior Learning Credit 

Earn college credit for your non-traditional education and experiences. Prior Learning Credit can be granted for other valuable experiences you've had such as AP classes, volunteer work, military service, professional development and more.

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To apply for the on-campus and online Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Marketing Technology, you need to apply to UW-Stout.

Financial Aid

Students who are attending another institution, but are planning to receive their degree from UW-Stout, may be eligible to receive aid from UW‐Stout. In these cases, UW‐Stout is considered the Home Institution and the other campus is considered the Visiting Institution.

Transfer Students

Note: When filling out the application form, be sure to make a note in the student comment section that you intend to apply to the "online program." 

Objectives & Outcomes

Upon the completion of the program, the student will attain the following outcomes:

  1. Create original content for digital distribution in a manner that employs marketing research to achieve organizational goals.
  2. Develop web applications utilizing industry standard markup, protocols, and languages.
  3. Demonstrate and employ the use of data to support dynamic user interaction with digital content.
  4. Write, assemble and or develop scripting artifacts that affect the behavior level of digital content.
  5. Design and implement information and navigation plans using the principles of information architecture.
  6. Analyze, implement and evaluate outward facing communication systems and their usage.
  7. Employ and evaluate processes related to user analysis, design, development, and implementation.
  8. Select, examine, implement and evaluate the use of enterprise systems and how they function toward achieving enterprise objectives.
  9. Distinguish between the functions of various digital communication channels and select solutions appropriate to the needs of the organization and the end users.
Career Opportunities

This multi-disciplinary degree focuses on the marketing technology. The program emphasizes the application of theory to practice and will require a cooperative work experience with an approved employer. The program's professional core (41 credits) draws from a number of academic disciplines including

  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Cross Media Graphics Management
  • Management 

Students will take elective courses from these disciplines and have added flexibility to develop a secondary area of vertical depth. Using those flexible credits to achieve a minor will be encouraged. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first B.S. degree in Digital Marketing Technology offered in the United States.  


UW-Stout's Digital Marketing Technology program responds directly to the rapidly evolving needs of the marketing field in a digital world. Organizations demand a new set of marketing skills as they move from traditional to digital marketing strategies. Program graduates can find employment as:  

  • Marketing Managers
  • Search Marketing Strategists
  • Green Marketers
  • Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists
  • Advertising and Promotions Managers
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • A host of new jobs that are emerging as a result of the changes taking place

Time to Degree

Full-time students averaging 15 credits per semester will be able to complete the degree in four years. Additionally, UW-Stout offers a number of courses during winter and summer breaks that students may take to meet their four-year graduation schedule. Articulation agreements with UW Colleges and other two-year schools may allow transfer students to complete the degree in as little as two years.

DMT Advisory Committee

DMT Advisory Committee

SaraAngerCareer Development ManagerCareer Services
CamiBangerLecturerUW-Stout Hospitality & Technology Innovation
BryanBartsCareer Services DirectorUW-Stout
AllexxBolanderField Operations Program AnalystJohnson Controls
AbbyFawcettDigital Marketing ProfessionalThomas-Reuters 
MarkFentonProgram DirectorBusiness Administration Program, UW-Stout
Kristal GerdesDepartment ChairHRTM Programs, UW-Stout
KarenHagerSenior Marketing Manager ActivationBobcat Company
BethanyHenthornCo-op Edu & Internship Program ManagerUW-Stout
DarylMcNuttOwnerNew Moon Ski & Bike
PatMeuersVice President, Web Delivery-Digital SolutionsFindLaw (Thomson Reuters)
ChadMonsonVice President, eCommerce & Digital MarketingEcoWater Systems, LLC
DaleMordOwnerRogue Productions
JuanRamirezRegional RecruiterFastenal
LauraReisingerAssistant ProfessorUW-Stout Hospitality & Technology Innovation
GregRettlerEcommerce & Digital MarketingArmor Animal Health
Jonathan RobinsonQuality Assurance Tes EngineersJAMF
TonyTellijohnManaging Partner - PresidentAkton Interactive, MNSearch, Professional in the Field
KevinTharpProfessorDigital Marketing Technology Program, UW-Stout
KateTravisDigital MarketerCollegis Education
PamVaverProgram Director- DMTDigital Marketing Technology program- UW-Stout
ScottVaverSenior Lecturer- BusinessUW-Stout
DanielFreedmanDean- CSTEMMUW-Stout