Avoiding Citations

Parking on the UW-Stout campus requires authorization during hours of regulation throughout the calendar year.
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How to avoid a citation

  • Every vehicle must display a valid permit during hours of permit regulation.
  • You must park in an area valid for your permit.
  • You must park in a legal, designated parking space:
    • within stall stripes in a paved lot, or
    • along a designated parking row in a gravel lot, or
    • fully inside end-of-row signs (when present) in a gravel lot.
  • When loading/unloading, you must park in an authorized loading zone and pay the meter or honor the posted time limit, whichever is applicable.
  • Obtain prior authorization for special situations. You may contact Parking Services 24 hours, ever day for special parking needs. University Police are available to assist with parking needs when the Parking Office is closed.

Parking Without Authorization

Parking on the UW-Stout campus requires authorization through the purchase of an annual or short term permit, or payment at a pay station, during hours of regulation throughout the entire calendar year.

Non Permit Holders

If you are a non permit holder you must park elsewhere until you are able to purchase and display a valid permit.


  • During the day you should park in a commuter lot and pay at a pay station or find a short term meter.
  • Overnight - park on a city street that allows overnight parking

Permit Holders

Permit holders are responsible for

  • Ensuring that their plate is associated with their permit (contact parking services to add a vehicle that you own)
  • Displaying their license plate to the drive lane at all times.
  • Having only one vehicle on campus, per permit, at a time

Non-functioning Meter or Pay Station

A vehicle may only park at a meter or pay station that will accept payment. If you encounter a meter that is not operating correctly, you should move to a another meter or pay station that will accept payment.

Contact parking services to report a malfunctioning meter or pay station.

Load or unload

Loading/unloading must take place from an authorized parking space/area. Options include:

  • Permit lot (with valid permit) or paid meter
  • Service area with display of short-term permit from Parking Services
  • Other area (parking space or campus grounds) with display of special permit from Parking Services.

Park if you're working/studying late, past 2 AM

Commuter parking lots and meters prohibit parking between the hours of 2 AM and 7 AM. If you are a permit holder, your commuter permit is not valid from 2 AM to 7 AM. If you are either working or studying beyond 2 AM, contact Parking Services for an authorized parking area. Students working late in the Applied Arts Building must be approved with a building pass from the Department of Art and Design. That building pass procedure includes instructions for after-hours parking.