Choosing a Roommate and Room

The Housing Gateway is your student's one-stop shop
February 16, 2023

Choosing a roommate and a room can be one of the most exciting and potentially stressful experiences of your student’s early college journey. A roommate has the potential to be a great friend – giving your student memories long after they graduate. And their room is their home away from home.

The Housing Gateway is a one-stop shop for everything that has to do with living on campus. Here are a few things for your student to consider as they choose their roommate and room.

Room selection for required students is Wednesday, March 29.

Your student received an email to their Stout address with more information. Email with any questions.

Students have until Tuesday, Aug. 1, to pick or change their roommate and room.

Students in the Honors College playing cards.

You may think everyone comes in already knowing their roommate, but it’s actually the opposite! Most incoming students do not know their roommates before their selection date.

While your student may have already made their selections, they have until August 1 to check out the living preferences of other students to find a person they want to live with, along with their location on campus.

Which building do they prefer? Is an elevator important? Do they want an east-facing or west-facing window? While all of UW-Stout’s first-year residence halls are very similar in amenities and location, there are subtle differences. Your student gets to make these decisions, based on availability, through the Housing Gateway.

When your student finds someone who seems like a good match, have them reach out! An in-depth conversation about interests can tell them a lot about how they may get along. It’s also important to decide who is bringing what – two futons and two TVs will quickly crowd their room.

Roommate and room selection at UW-Stout is meant to be simple. A little bit of research and communication go a long way in starting your student’s first year on a good note! As always, the staff in University Housing are happy to answer questions and help ensure a smooth experience. Don’t hesitate to reach out and happy selecting!

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