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First-Year Admissions Counselors

Abbie Hartung

First-Year Admissions Counselor - Western Wisconsin

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Nou Lor

First-Year Admissions Counselor - Eastern Wisconsin

I look forward to assisting students from Eastern Wisconsin begin their college career at UW-Stout!
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Rich Church

First-Year Admissions Counselor - Southern Wisconsin & Illinois

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Coua Xiong

First-Year Admissions Counselor - Northern Minnesota + Twin Cities Metro

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Brianna Banks

First-Year Admissions Counselor - Southern Minnesota

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Jeanie Albricht

First-Year Admissions Counselor - Out-of-State Students

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Transfer Admissions

Mollie Ficek

Transfer Admissions Counselor

"Helping transfer students from point-of-interest to UW-Stout admission is what I do, and what I’m passionate about."
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Emily Whitcomb

Transfer Coordinator

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Margaret Grohn

Transfer Coordinator

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Campus Visits

Linda Otto

Campus Visit and Office Coordinator

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Admissions Leadership

Joan Bellesbach

Director of Admissions

“I enjoy helping prospective students and their families navigate the college enrollment process!”
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Darren Ward

Associate Director of Transfer and Articulation

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Lacey Seefeldt

Interim Assistant Director of Admissions

"Be inspired by life! I am dedicated to helping students pursue their passions and realize their dreams." #STOUTPROUD
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