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Do you like exploring and making discoveries in the biological and molecular sciences? 
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The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Applied Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (ABMB) program at UW-Stout offers a degree pathway to help people, improve lives and make an impact through cutting-edge research in science, health and medicine. Our students work closely with faculty to solve real-world problems as part of their coursework.

Graduation cap

100% of Graduates Are Employed or Continuing Education.

Once you enroll in the ABMB program, you become a member of a team that includes faculty, staff, and students working to improve human lives. You will explore, discover, and create solutions to pressing societal needs.

B.S. Applied Biochemistry & Molecular Biology degree will teach you skills in molecular biosciences to prepare you for work in genomic, diagnostic, medical and forensic fields. / UW-Stout

Career-Defining Curriculum

We apply cutting-edge research methods in creative efforts such as the production of biofuels and pharmaceuticals, creating commodities from waste streams, and engineering more productive life forms. Working closely with instructors, you will assemble an enviable research portfolio and acquire the practical skills and knowledge you need for a successful career.


Program Overview

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Our graduates are well prepared for work in genomic, diagnostic, medical, and forensic fields applying their skills in molecular biosciences. They work in government, academic, and private sector laboratories. ABMB graduates often enter graduate programs to receive additional training and advancement.

Pursue Our Pre-Professional Health Sciences Pathway.

The B.S. Applied Biochemistry & Molecular Biology program will prepare you to continue your education in various graduate or professional programs and schools. 

Pre-Health Sciences Pathways

Our pre-health sciences professional pathways prepare you for a professional degree after you finish your bachelor’s degree.
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Careers in ABMB are financially rewarding and will continue to grow into the next century. Use the Request Information form to receive a program summary and learn more about the B.S. Applied Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.

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Top Reasons to Pursue an ABMB Degree at UW-Stout.

  • Community of Scholars: Faculty eagerly share their research laboratories, knowledge, and teaching skills with students. Together, we will solve problems in synthetic biology, human health and disease, microbiology, immunology, protein chemistry, enzymology, and population biology. Become a member of this engaged community of scholars!
  • Courses: Recent molecular advances have fundamentally changed our understanding of living processes. You will use the tools of genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, and bioinformatics to better understand life’s molecular processes and improve society. Our curriculum prepares you to use these skills ethically, responsibly, and effectively. 
  • Embedded Research: The ABMB program is infused with original research experiences. Instructors will guide you on how to plan experiments, generate data, and share results. You will become a highly engaged learner and be prepared to tackle diverse challenges in society.
  • Health Care Professions: You may also be interested in pursuing a career in health care. An ABMB degree uniquely prepares you for success in professional schools that lead to professional opportunities as physicians, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, and biomedical researchers. Our graduates credit their UW-Stout training as key in attaining their goals.

Student Testimonials

“I love Stout, for so many reasons. The small class sizes mean that I actually get to know my professors, which is something that I'd never experienced before coming from classes of 30+ in Milwaukee. The professors also happen to be absolutely amazing. Living in the dorms my freshman year, I met some of the best friends I've ever had, and am currently renting a house with three of them. The clubs that I belong to have made me a much stronger and confident person, showing me that I'm not only capable of taking the lead, but that I excel when given the opportunity.”

- Rochelle Knier

“At the onset of college, I didn't know what I wanted to study. I switched majors three times in my first semester, and struggled socially. However, once I joined the Applied Science program at UW-Stout, I felt like I found the perfect fit. All of the professors knew you by name, and challenged you to master the material. I got to know most of my friends at Stout while studying or working on research projects. An underrated aspect of UW-Stout's science program, is that it doesn't include a traditional graduate program. This means that undergraduates have the opportunity to participate in research that would normally be given to grad students or postdocs at larger schools.”

- Jake Hildebrand

Admissions Requirements

New First-Year Students

  • There are no additional requirements for new first-year students.

Transfer Students 

  • Earned a grade of C- or better in all college level science coursework previously taken.

If you do not meet one of the academic requirements above, you will be admitted as a Pre-Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. You may then qualify for the Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major by completing the appropriate courses at UW-Stout.

Objectives & Outcomes

Starting in your freshman year, you'll join a tightly-knit community of dedicated learners. Our students are curious, motivated and eager to participate in applied research projects both inside and outside the classroom. UW-Stout recently created a student chapter of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. You, too can join these students as they deeply immerse themselves in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology and become part of the larger scientific community. 

Learning Outcomes

Program graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply chemical principles and energy transfer to molecular life processes,
  2. Summarize fundamental concepts across the biological sciences with focus on flow of information and molecular structure/function relationships,
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in experimental design, laboratory methodology, and data analysis,
  4. Implement modes of communication relevant to life-science professions, and
  5. Create effective team-based work groups.
Career Opportunities

Job Market Demand

US jobs requiring laboratory skills are expected to grow 10-18 percent in the next 10 years. For technical and laboratory positions, this growth is much faster than most occupations. Related healthcare jobs are projected to grow 18 percent, adding 2.4 million new jobs over the same time.

UW-Stout’s ABMB Program responds to this high employer demand by training students with hands-on research experiences in biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. Combined with the currently low unemployment rate, job prospects for our graduates are exceptionally high. Our graduates command strong wages and enjoy intellectually satisfying careers.

Program Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee Members

DavidBarnidgeCEO, Molecular BiologyThe Binding Site - Rochester
ChrisBendelAssociate DeanUW-Stout
BensonBradyCEO, BiotechnologyAquaMedix LLC
JimBurrittProgram DirectorUW-Stout
AlonCoppensMD, RadiologistMayo Hospital-Eau Claire
DanielFreedmanDean, College of STEMMUW-Stout
JonathanFrischAssociate ProfessorUW-Stout
Jennifer GrantProfessorUW-Stout
BeauJerenbergPhD CandidateNorth Dakota State University
NabilJunaidiOrgan Culture, ABMB graduateMiromatrix, Eden Prairie, MN
DimtryKadnikovProgram Director, Applied ScienceUW-Stout
TaejoKimAssistant ProfessorUW-Stout
RochelleKnierOrgan Culture, ABMB graduateMiromatrix, Eden Prairie, MN
Steve NoldProfessorUW-Stout
TabithaPayneRegulator Affairs SpecialistAbbott Labs, Mpls, MN
MichaelPickartAssociate ProfessorConcordia Univeristy-Wisconsin
BrianTeagueAssistant ProfessorUW-Stout
AnaVande LindeDepartment HeadUW-Stout

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