B.S. Applied Science

Develop solutions to real-world problems using applied science.
Degree Type Bachelor of Science
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Today's world demands leaders and scientists who can develop innovative solutions in many fields. UW-Stout's Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Science combines science, liberal arts and technology, and prepares you for direct entry into a career or graduate program that's exactly right for you.


100% of Graduates Employed or Continuing Education

The Applied Science program provides cutting-edge labs and equipment designed with your needs in mind. Dubbed “the finest science building in the UW System,” Jarvis Hall provides y / UW-Stout

Program Overview

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Pursue a career or advanced education in science with UW-Stout's Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Science. Our polytechnic-based coursework stresses breadth in applied scientific concepts in biology, chemistry and physics, as well as an emphasis in technology and the liberal arts.

Career-Focused Degree Concentrations

Applied Physics

Apply physics concepts to develop technology, systems and devices; bridging physics and engineering.

Learn More about Applied Physics


Apply a core of biology courses and technical electives to specialize in a discipline of choice and/or prepare for graduate study in health care professions.

Learn More about Biology

Industrial Chemistry

Apply principles of multiple chemistry disciplines to synthesize and characterize materials as well as develop scaled-up production methods.

Learn More about Industrial Chemistry

Interdisciplinary Science

Combine biology, chemistry, physics, and math courses with a minor to gain a broad knowledge base applicable to a variety of careers.

Learn More about Interdisciplinary Science

Materials & Nanoscience

Study the extraction, synthesis, processing, properties, characterization and development of natural, man-made, bulk and nanoscale materials.

Learn More about Materials & Nanoscience

Pre-Professional Health Science Pathways

The B.S. Applied Science's Biology and Interdisciplinary Science Concentrations offer courses that fulfill the requirements of professional study in the highly competitive health science fields. Our pre-professional advisors will help you plan ahead to show high academic achievement, prepare for entrance exams, and build a strong application to the graduate or professional school of your choice. 

Learn More About Pre-Health Sciences Pathways

"After getting home from training with the Army, I saw Stout as an opportunity to utilize my education benefits at a relatively small, military-friendly school. At Stout, I got to know my professors on a personal level. The class sizes worked well for me. And I was also able to participate in some very unusual experiences such as a Cadaver Dissection class. That class gave me a leg-up on some of my medical school classmates."

-- Patrick Best
B.S. Applied Science

STEM OPT Extension Advantage for International Students.

International students STEM Opt Qualifying program.

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Career Opportunities

While entry-level positions depend on market demands, geographical locations, company size, and the economy, motivated graduates with a clear vision of career opportunities will always find a place. Entry-level positions are available in:

  • Biotechnology
  • Broadfield Science Education
  • Environmental Management and Research
  • Materials Science
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Professional Schools
  • Scientific Research and Development
  • Technical Support for Sale of Chemicals
  • Technical Support for Scientific Equipment Companies

Examples of Careers

  • Research and development
  • Government compliance
  • Criminal science investigation
  • Technical support
  • Scientific sales
  • Process engineering

Prepare for Graduate Programs

  • Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Allied health professions
Superior Research Facilities

The Applied Science program provides cutting-edge labs and equipment designed with your needs in mind. Dubbed “the finest science building in the UW System,” Jarvis Hall provides you with the foremost facilities and instruments, so you can become an innovator in your chosen field.

  • Ultrasonic Cell Disrupter
  • UV/VIS Diode Array Spectrophotometer
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter System
  • TGA
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
  • NMR Spectrophotometer
  • Gas Chromatography System
  • Gas Chromatography Integrator
  • Gas Chromatography Auto Sampler
  • X-Ray Diffractometer
  • Student Mac Lab and laser printer
  • Ultracentrifuge System
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography System
  • WISP Autosampler
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • Rotary Evaporator
  • Fluorimeter
  • Polarized Light Microscopy
  • Phase Contrast Microscope
  • Capillary Electrophoresis
  • Stereo Microscope
  • Millikan Oil Drop
  • E/m Ratio
  • Helmholtz Coil
  • Cathode Ray Tube
  • Geiger-Mueller Tube
  • Bragg Scattering
  • Rydberg Constant
Program Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee Members

Bryan BartsDirector of Career ServicesUW-Stout
ChrisBendelAssociate Dean, CSTEMMUW-Stout
MichaelBessertProfessor of BiologyUW-Stout
JulieBestonAssistant Professor, Biology DepartmentUW-Stout
Jim BurrittProfessor, Biology Department ChairUW-Stout
JoshDaltonExecutive DirectorDunn County Humane Society
DavidDingInterim Associate Dean, CSTEMMUW-Stout
TravisEricksonPrincipal Packaging EngineerMedtronic
Kenneth R. "Beau" Farmer IIChief Technology OfficerTSI, Inc
DanielFreedmanDean, College of STEMMUW-Stout
Jonathan FrischAssociate Professor, Industrial Chemistry (INC) Concentration CoordinatorUW-Stout
JenGrantProfessor, Biology (BIO) Concentration CoordinatorUW-Stout
AlexHallPre-Health AdvisorUW-Stout
BeccaHoeftChemical Hygiene OfficerUW-Stout
Dmitry KadnikovProgram Director Applied ScienceUW-Stout
NancyLouwagieChair of Engineering Technology ProgramsNormandale Community College
Marcia Miller-RodebergAssociate ProfessorUW-Stout
GindyNeidermyerInterim Dean, CSTEMMUW-Stout
Marlann  PattersonProfessor of PhysicsUW-Stout
MattPrisselCommercial ManagerXenon Arc
MattRayAssociate Professor, Materials and Nanoscience (MNS) Concentration CoordinatorUW-Stout
RebeccaSarauerP.A.-C.Mayo Clinic Health System
AlanScottProfessor, Interdisciplinary Science (IDS) Concentration CoordinatorUW-Stout
DanielSinkovitsAssistant ProfessorUW-Stout
Jack StatzQuality EngineerAccuray
AnaVande LindeProfessor of ChemistryUW-Stout
KeithWojciechowskiProgram Director for  P.S.M. in Industrial and Applied MathematicsUW-Stout
SarahWynnDirector of McNair Scholars ProgramUW-Stout
JeffZeskeSenior Principal ChemistMedtronic
Todd ZimmermanProfessor, Applied Physics (APP) Concentration CoordinatorUW-Stout

Applied Science

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