Harvey Hall

UW-Stout's Harvey Hall houses the College of Arts and Human Sciences and International Student Center.
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Harvey Hall Theatre

UW-Stout’s Harvey Hall Theatre is home to University Theatre, welcoming each and every student to join. University Theatre puts on a show each semester, with nearly every aspect of every show depending on student talents. While faculty and staff design set and costumes, students have roles from acting on stage to building and painting sets, constructing costumes, hanging and focusing lights, and managing sound equipment.

“We recognize not all students are artistically inclined,” said Assistant Professor of Theatre Jennifer Sansfacon. “But theatre gives everyone a chance to think outside the box, to approach tasks in new ways. We’re all about experiential learning.”

Students from the Spring 2019 production of Steve Martin’s “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” give a sense of what University Theatre is like and what it means to them. Lois Cassell, a Psychology major, joined theatre on a whim.

“I've always been an admirer of the arts but never had the money in high school to be involved in theatre," Cassell said. "So, once I got to college, I snatched up the opportunity to be a part of it for free! Even though I'm not a theatre major or minor, the theatre has become a second home for me. I love the stage. I love the process. It's almost cleansing and extremely cathartic. I get to be a part of something bigger than myself and contribute to a work of art.”

Digital Humanities Lab

UW-Stout's Digital Humanities (DH) Lab is an active learning classroom for students majoring in Professional Communication and Emerging Media. During the recent remodel of Harvey Hall, faculty worked closely with the architect when designing the DH Lab. The DH Lab is a flexible and dynamic space to accommodate teaching, research, and creative work. Students can spread out, work together, and tackle a variety of projects.

“Many of the projects that we take on in the DH Lab are for real clients, like small-business owners on Main Street, the local farmers’ market, and a communications consulting firm in the Twin Cities,” Professor Mitch Ogden said.

Students collaborate to create and manage content and design documents. They complete exploratory projects with emerging media like virtual reality, augmented reality, photogrammetry. They can also record and produce audio and video media projects.

“Our projects relate directly to our major and build our portfolios,” said PCEM student Grace Daleki. “The lab allows us to access a variety of technological tools and to use them to expand our skillset.”

English as a Second Language Institute (ESLI)

The ESL Tutoring Lab at UW-Stout is a quiet, comfortable space for current and former ESL students to gather. The lab is a place set aside on campus that serves as a study space where students can work together on projects or just hang out with friends. ESL students have scheduled tutoring times where they meet with ESL tutors and former student volunteers. Volunteer opportunities are always available for those interested.

The ESL Language Lab at UW-Stout holds ESL classes for students who are beginners to academic-ready. Students from many countries participate in UW-Stout’s ESL program. To date, these countries have included China, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Peru, Puerta Rico, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, India, Sweden, Vietnam, Thailand, and Turkey.

“We encourage our students to learn to do things themselves and be self-reliant,” says ESL instructor, Cody Cegler. "The language lab supports student growth and prepares students for success at UW-Stout."

Michael M. Levy Children's Literature Library

Dr. Michael Levy began teaching English at UW-Stout in 1980, remaining here his entire career. He assembled a collection of children’s books to share with his colleagues, their families, and the community. With the grand reopening of Harvey Hall in September 2016, the college and department reserved a special space for the collection, dedicated to the collection, making it accessible to faculty, students, and community members.

In its new space, the library has taken on a life of its own, encouraging involvement and drawing in donations to build its variety. The collection houses Dr. Levy’s science fiction and fantasy books, as well as his research on the history of fantastic literature. An expert on multicultural children’s books, Dr. Levy donated his Hmong, East Asia, and African folk picture books to the collection.

The library also has a collection of vintage picture books from the 1930s to 1950s donated by Dr. Joan Menefee, a collection of LGBTQ and alternative families children’s books donated by Dr. Virginia Wolf, and stuffed animals and posters donated by Dr. Ursula Husted. These last items belonged to Dr. Husted's aunt, Margaret Murray, a librarian in Mississippi.

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free help to UW-Stout students with writing assignments for any class. Writers of all skill levels are welcome! Each visit to the Center is confidential and will address students’ individual concerns or needs. Tutors won't edit or proofread student papers. Rather, tutors will work with students to develop skills, strategies, and confidence to improve their writing.

According to recent tutorial evaluation statistics, 98% of our clients assigned an “excellent” or “good” rating to the “usefulness of their tutor’s suggestions” about their writing. 99% of our clients, when asked if they planned to use the writing center again, said, “yes.”