Vegetarian and Vegan

University Dining offers a variety of delicious plant-based choices.
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What food options are available to me through Dining if I follow a vegetarian or vegan diet? 

Vegan and vegetarian items are denoted on our menu boards in the cafeterias. The information can also be found in our online menu database. The database has the capability to filter items that are vegetarian or vegan. View our Online Menu

Dining offers made to order salads, several types of fruits, dairy-free milk, cheese, and hot vegetables without added butter daily in the cafeterias.

Protein alternatives include black bean burgers, garden burgers, fishless fish, and chick’n, and legumes available at lunch and dinner. Additionally, we offer a variety of vegetarian or vegan entrees.

How do I determine the ingredients of the foods I want to eat?

The Dining online menu database lists the ingredients of our menu items so that students who would like to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet can determine the ingredients of the foods they choose to consume. View our Online Menu

What if I have a suggestion or recommendation for a vegetarian or vegan entrée?

We welcome and encourage suggestions for additional vegetarian and vegan options. 

If you have a suggestion or comment about our vegetarian and vegan options, let us know by completing our Feedback Form

You’re also welcome to schedule an appointment with the University Dining Registered Dietitian, available at 715.232.3599 or via email at