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Challenge yourself. Gain new skills. Ignite your leadership potential.

We believe that leadership skills are learned. And no matter where you are at, an emerging leader to an established one, we have opportunities for you to develop your leadership skills.

Leadership can look different for all. For some it may be speaking to your peers on stage at a campus event. For others, it may be leading a small group discussion at a social justice coffee hour. Or, it may be using your voice to represent the student population through student government.

"BOLD Beginnings allowed me to take a step forward and prove to myself that I can be a leader."
BOLD Beginnings Participant

The BOLD Project

BOLD stands for Building Opportunities for Leadership Development, and we have a host of them.   Programs range from mentorship programs to strengths workshops to our signature BOLD Beginnings program.  Within BOLD Beginnings, you'll work in a small group to bring awareness to an issue that you're passionate about. 

Each BOLD program gives you an to opportunity to connect with others you otherwise wouldn't have met while building your leadership skills at the same time.  It's a win-win.

Recognizing Student Leaders

Stout has great leaders. And every year these leaders are recognized at the annual Leadership Awards.  Students are nominated for various leadership awards such as Student Employee of the Year, Outstanding Student Leader of the Year or Student Organization of the Year to name a few.  The Samuel E. Wood Medallion award is also presented to graduating seniors who have greatly contributed to the campus community through their involvement.  It is awarded to less than one percent of the student population and is the highest non-academic honor a Stout student can achieve.

Leadership Awards
Pictured are recipients of the Org Event of the Year award, Portfolio Review by AIGA. / Brett T. Roseman
BOLD Project Workshop

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Building Opportunities for Leadership Development
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