Youth Team Facility Use Requirements

Content for hosting and visiting youth team coaches and volunteers regarding protecting minors at UW-Stout.
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Coaches, team employee and volunteers are responsible for the below requirements for youth events hosted at UW-Stout in accordance with UWSA 625. The hosting school district, WIAA or other K-12 athletic governing body you are participating with may have requirements not listed here. 

Screening and Training

Individuals interacting with minors, inclusive of all volunteers and employees, must: 

Prohibited Behaviors

  • Conduct that violates the law (e.g., child abuse, child sexual abuse, protected class discrimination, emotional abuse, hazing, indecent exposure, child pornography, neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment);
  • Actions that are found to constitute bullying or grooming;
  • Infringement on privacy of youth participants in situations where they are changing clothes or taking showers except in situations where health and safety require;
  • Adults showering, bathing, or undressing with or in the presence of youth participants;
  • Photographing or recording in shower houses, restrooms, or other areas where privacy is expected by participants; and
  • Use of alcohol when engaged in covered activities.

One-on-One Interactions

  • One-on-one interactions between adults and youth participants, unless the adult is in a setting where one-on-one instruction occurs. 
  • In such settings, activities must be observable and interruptible. 
  • Exceptions can also be made where a familial relationship exists and in emergency situations.

Monitoring and Reporting Obligations 

  • All covered activities employee and volunteers must monitor and report according to applicable law.  Reporting must include, but is not limited to requiring all adults covered under this policy to report:
  • Any suspected physical abuse, neglect, or sexual abuse of a minor in alignment with Wisconsin Executive Order #54;
  • Sexual harassment or sexual violence as defined by the institution’s Title IX policy;
  • Incidents resulting in serious harm requiring professional medical attention; and
  • Incidents of illegal or unauthorized drug use.
  • Behavior issues or accidents not involving physical harm.
  • Incidents involving sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and serious harm requiring professional medical attention.
  • Suspicious or observed inappropriate behaviors by either an adult or youth participant.

Reporting Protocol 

  • Incidents must be immediately reported to UW-Stout University Police (911 for emergencies or 715-232-2222 for non-emergencies) and the UW-Stout staff member in charge of the facility you are using. 
  • Additionally submit an incident report on the UW-Stout Incident Reporting Form, selecting the appropriate incident. 


  • Teams are responsible for custodial care of their participants and must have a registration process for covered activities. For covered activities the following registration information, at a minimum, must be collected:
  • Date(s)/time(s) of covered activity
  • Primary contact for covered activity
  • Staff (Paid or unpaid): Names, contact information, screening, training
  • Participant registration information collected must include:
  • Name Contact information, including emergency contact information

Record Retention

  • All requirements for covered activities are subject to audits and or request(s) and may occur at any time within seven years.

Emergency Preparedness

UW-Stout suggest team employees and volunteers:

Communicate relevant rules and law information to youth participants 

  • Wisconsin Hazing Law – set standards to prevent hazing.
  • WIAA Season Regulations and State Law (9175.22) prohibits use of cell phones (and other image-recording devices) in locker rooms except in emergency situations.