Fab Lab

A workspace for creative, high-tech innovators and people with a need to design, prototype and build things.
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Where Innovative Ideas Take Shape.

One of nearly 300 lab spaces at UW-Stout, our Fab Lab offers innovators, creatives, and makers access to the tools that bring ideas to life. Training on laser cutters, 3D printers, and other leading-edge digital fabrication tools, empowers students and partners to design, prototype, and build nearly anything they envision. This hands-on approach complements UW-Stout's impact-focused polytechnic education.

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Make48 Event Coming to UW-Stout Fab Lab

This October, Make48 and the UW-Stout Fab Lab turn ideas into products in just 48 hours!
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Student & Faculty Equipment Reservation

Reserve time to use the Fab Lab equipment.
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UW-Stout Fab Lab product creation

Fab Lab Usage 

Fab labs serve as localized hubs in a global network, offering a shared space for digital fabrication and creativity. Open to the community, these labs provide various resources from tools and technical assistance to educational programs. While users are encouraged to innovate freely, they are also responsible for lab safety, upkeep, and knowledge sharing.

Dive into an innovative environment tailored for both creative and technical projects. With a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, our Fab Lab enriches your ideas with specialized tools and a supportive community. Below are some of the types of projects you can undertake:

  • Prototypes: Turn ideas into proof-of-concept models.
  • Custom Parts: Craft mechanical and electronic components tailored to your project.
  • Art & Decor: Unleash your creativity in sculptures, installations, and jewelry.
  • Educational Tools: Develop interactive kits, scientific models, and classroom aids.
  • Software Solutions: Collaborate on code for hardware-software interactions.
  • Community Solutions: Build impactful projects that address local needs.

Fab Lab Equipment & Technology


3D Printers
3D printer
Open Frame FDM Style Printers
  • Max Print Size: 15.7” x 15.7” x 17.7” tall
Laser Cuttering Machines
Laser Cutter Epilog Helix
Helix Epilog Helix Laser
  • Power: 50-Watt
  • Bed Size: 24”x18”
  • Capabilities: Laser cutting and engraving (acrylic, wood)
  • Accepted File Types: .bmp, .jpeg, .pdf, .dxf, .png
Helix Epilog Fusion Laser
  • Power: 75-Watt
  • Bed Size: 32”x20”
  • Capabilities: Laser cutting and engraving (acrylic, wood)
  • Accepted File Types: .bmp, .jpeg, .pdf, .dxf, .png
Cutting & Milling Machines
Roland GR Vinyl Cutter
Roland CAMM-1 Servo GX-24 Vinyl Cutter
  • Material Width: 2” to 23.5"
  • Accepted File Types: .bmp, .jpg, .dxf
  • More Info: Able Engravers
Roland MDX 40A Mini Mill
  • Work Area: 12" x 12" x 4.13"
  • Max Tool Size: 1/4"
  • Capabilities: Rapid prototyping milling
  • Accepted File Types: .stl, .bmp, .pdf, .dxf
  • More Info: PDI3D
ShopBot PRS Standard 9648
  • Spindle: HSD 2.2hp
Lincoln Torchmate Growth Series 4x4

Become a Member

After completing the 'Introduction to Fab Lab Equipment' training, access to the Fab Lab is available during open hours by choosing one of our membership packages.

30-day membership: $90 
Select your start/end date. 

Semester membership: $275.

Email croppm@uwstout.edu for more information. 

Fab Lab Sponsors & Partnerships

Through partnership networks that include MIT, the FabLearn Community, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and others, the Fab Lab is also committed to expanding its impact to benefit PreK-12 students around Wisconsin and throughout the world.  

Group demonstration in the Fab Lab at UW-Stout.