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There are a few tasks new students MUST complete before they are fully registered at UW-Stout, whether you are self-registering or registering through Registration and Records | UW-Stout Online.

All students are required to complete these steps if they are new to UW-Stout. Some students who are returning after stopping out for a Fall or Spring semester or more will have to repeat these steps as well.

Step 1: Activating Your Username and Password

Why do I need to activate my UW-Stout Account?

Activating your UW-Stout Account will create the email, username, and password you will need to log into campus systems such as UW-Stout email (My Mail), the course management system (Canvas), and Access Stout.

  • Email Address: UW-Stout student email addresses are (i.e., Student email accounts are hosted by Microsoft Live (Hotmail).
  • Username: When logging into Canvas or Access Stout, you ONLY use your username (i.e., doj1234); do not include the ""
  • Password: A single password serves all campus systems mentioned above. Although you do have the ability to change your UW-Stout email password from within your email account, this will NOT change your password for any other campus systems.

    Forget your password? You can reset it by visiting our

To activate your UW-Stout Account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the "Activate Your Account" button and follow the prompts.
Step 2: Setting Up Your Email

Why do I need a My Mail account?

All official communication from the university, such as billing notifications, emails from instructors, etc., will come through your UW-Stout email account. As a student, you are responsible for checking your UW-Stout email account!

Note: To access your email for the first time, you must have completed step 1: Activating your username and password.

To access your email:

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the prompts
Step 3: Log in to Access Stout

What is Access Stout?

Access Stout is your self-service area for a number of student services you may want to access 24/7.

Here, you are able to:

  • Register (add/drop) for courses
  • Access your final grades or print an unofficial transcript
  • View or pay your current tuition bill
  • View or accept financial aid awards
  • ...and many, many other functions

To log in to Access Stout:

  1. Go to

  2. Go to Self Service:
    Self Service
  3. Go to Student Center:

    Student Center
  4. For guides on various tasks, visit Step-by-Step Guides 

What is the Student Account Contract? Why is it required?

All students are required to have a signed Student Account Contract form on file with the Student Business Services Office in order to register for courses each semester. This form does not obligate you to use the payment plan, but merely indicates you have read and understood the payment plan and any finance charges that could be applied if you do not pay in full by the due date.

To complete the Student Account Contract, follow this step-by-step guide:


Now that you are in Access Stout, you can register.

To get registered in your first course, follow the step-by-step guide:

Step 6: Set Up Your eRefund Preferences

All students are required to set up their eRefund preferences in their student account in Access Stout. eRefunds are refunds from your UW-Stout student account that are electronically deposited directly in a United States checking or savings bank account designated by you. The eRefund account will only be used for depositing. If you have the same account saved for making online payments you are the only one who can initiate that transaction. This is a one-time process that will only need to be repeated if you change checking/saving accounts and need to update your eRefund preferences.

To set up your eRefund:

  1. Go to eRefund.
  2. Enter  your UW-Stout's User Name (without the "") and Password.

  3. Click on eRefunds in the top menu bar.

  4. Click on Set Up Account.

  5. Complete all required fields, then click "Continue".

  6. Check agreement authorizing UW-Stout to deposit funds.
  7. Click Continue, you should see confirmation that your eRefund account is set up.
Step 7: Find Stout Online on StoutCloud

What is StoutCloud?

StoutCloud is UW-Stout's intranet where all internal content is stored and shared. Click the icon below to go to Stout Online in StoutCloud. If you are not already logged in to Office 365, you will be prompted for your Stout username and password.