Creating a Healthier Community

UW-Stout is seeking to establish a Center for the Study and Promotion of Health and Wellbeing.
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Fostering Healthy Minds in the Corporate Culture

Maintaining a healthy mind is critical to achieving overall wellbeing, especially as it relates to the rigors and demands of the corporate culture. This session would engage participants in strategies for being mindful in the workplace to increase productivity and work/life satisfaction. Participants would leave with practical ideas for analyzing influences that impact mental wellbeing, as well as help participants prioritize and balance family, work and recreation.

Relational Aging and the Impact on Older Adult Relationships

This session is designed to describe relational aging within the context of intimate personal relationships of older adults. It seeks to explore the challenges and opportunities associated with the onset of health problems and their impact on both partners. This session will provide potential solutions as self-care and coping strategies are considered, inviting participants to share their own experiences and approaches to relational aging.

Kindness Kitchen: Empowering Changes through Empathy

This session will engage participants in better understanding community resources that promote food security as well as discuss the social factors impacting wellbeing. A local woman will share her lived experience with food insecurity and recovery from substance abuse and how resources like the food pantry helped her create a vision to reach others facing similar challenges. UW-Stout nutrition faculty will provide suggestions for healthy cooking and eating on a budget.

The Ripple Effect

Maintaining a healthy mind is critical to achieving overall wellbeing. “The Ripple Effect” is a documentary film that features a man that took action to end his life and lived to tell his story. This is his story about advocacy and hope as it relates to spreading the message about increasing awareness and reducing stigma around suicidal ideation and mental health.


The mission of the Center will be to establish partnerships that increase opportunities for students to engage in applied learning and research. It will serve to develop relationships that promote the accessibility and visibility of UW-Stout programs of study to community constituents and potential partners. It seeks to advocate for public health through research, capacity building, communication and education all while promoting the UW-Stout polytechnic vision.

Professional Development

To provide programs to professionals (practitioners and researchers) in health and wellness fields to have discussions, workshops, conferences, webinars, and presentations regarding cutting-edge issues.

Serving the Public

To facilitate assessing the current state of health and wellbeing and resources in west central Wisconsin in collaboration with public health partners. Students will engage in applied research learning experiences to help solve public health problems. The Center will provide programs for the general public that specifically address health concerns identified in a recent community needs assessments with the goal of addressing health disparities and the social determinants of health, while increasing communication as well as avoiding the replication of efforts related to health promotion. The Center will help the public develop a robust and accurate functional health knowledge base, as well as the following skills:

  • Access valid health information, products and services to enhance health
  • Analyze the influences that impact health choices
  • Communicate health needs effectively
  • Make health-enhancing decisions


Research Services

To provide research services related to health and wellbeing for businesses, civic organizations, coalitions, community agencies, non-profits, communities, school districts, hospitals and health clinics, etc. Current projects in development include:

  • Generation of a health-coalition with community partners with the focus of hosting a health capacity-building conference. This conference will serve as the initial impetus for building a robust health coalition within Western Wisconsin.
  • Identification of Eat Well Dunn County’s community capacity characteristics that help mobilize and address social and public health problems related to eating healthy.
Future projects
  • Grant funding for the further development of the study of health resiliency and capacity building.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for health resources by generating a website that lists local health resources for use by students, faculty, staff and community members and that represents the emergent health needs of the people of Western Wisconsin.
  • Host programs (conferences, speakers, webinars) for the general public as well as professionals (practitioners and researchers).
Previous Workshops & Conferences

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