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First-Year Registration and Orientation
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Welcome Students and Families / Chris Cooper

Housing and Dining Open Forums

We know you likely have lots of questions about living on campus, selecting your room, meal plans and more. We will be hosting two open forums for students and their support persons on Tuesday, June 15th and Wednesday, June 23rd at 6:30pm. Join links for these virtual sessions can be found below.


Housing and Dining Open Forum

June 15th Meeting Link
Meeting Link

Housing and Dining Open Forums

June 23rd Meeting Link
Meeting Link

Welcome to UW-Stout - we are so excited to have you as a new student!

We're happy you will be joining us this Fall! Your next step is to attend First-Year Registration and Orientation (FYRO). Your experience will be comprised of three steps:

  1. Advising and Registration - You’ll work with your First-Year Advisor and register for fall classes. 
  2. Orientation - We’ll help you build connections with campus, learn about the resources available, and pick up your UW-Stout issued laptop. 
  3. Week One - At the start of Fall semester we’ll welcome you to campus with events and activities to help you connect to campus. 

Step One

Advising and Registration

For your safety and the safety of our staff, advising and class registration is being held online this summer. This event will provide the same information you would receive on campus in a unique and engaging format! We are excited to share information and help you get acclimated in a virtual environment.

First-Year Registration is a required online program and is when you will work with your first-year advisor, select your Fall 2021 classes, and learn more about UW-Stout.

Register for your Date

  • Check your UW-Stout email for an invitation on or before March 22nd!
  • Advising and Registration will be held starting Tuesday, May 18th and running Tuesday - Friday, each week ending June 25th. 
  • We will offer meetings and support throughout your Registration Week! Within your invitation you will be asked to fill out a survey to select the day you would like to enroll in your Fall 2021 classes. 
  • Check your personal calendar for other commitments and select an enrollment date when you have the most flexibility.

Take the English and Math Placement Test

Placement testing is required for all incoming students and is being offered entirely online. Placement test scores impact your ability to register for Fall classes. Please complete the placement tests before your selected First-Year Registration date. 

If you have earned or are earning college credits in English and/or Math you may not be required to take one or both placement tests. If you are unsure if you have earned college level credits or if you have further questions regarding placement testing, please email us at

If you plan on taking a World language you would need to take the Spanish, German, or French placement test.

You will need your campus login to access the registration form. Your UW-Stout username is everything before the @ sign in your UW-Stout email address.

Visit the UW System placement testing website when you are ready to sign up for the online placement tests. 

Placement Testing Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged for testing?

Yes, all students are charged a $30 fee on their fall tuition bill for the UW System Placement exams.

Once I register, how long do I have to take the test? 

Once you’ve registered and received a username and password from Scantron, you have 180 days to complete any tests. After that you will need to re-register for the exams.

I’ve lost my exam log-in information, what should I do?

If you can’t remember your log-in information, you will need to contact the UW-System Placement Testing office at 608.262.5863.

How do I request accommodations for testing?

Accommodations are already included for additional time and large print. If you need other accommodations, please follow the instructions found at

How long will the placement exams take?

The exams will be available on demand and you do not need to complete all of your exams in one sitting.  You are provided five (5) hours to take each exam. If you leave or log out of a test before finishing, you should log back in and the system will remember how much time was remaining. Upon completing a test, you must submit the exam in order for us to receive your scores.

You will have access to all five tests -English, math, and three world languages- for testing. UW-Stout requires English and math. The world languages are optional and should only be taken if you plan to continue your foreign language education at UW-Stout.

It is important that after each test, you submit your answers to Scantron. Failure to submit your answers could result in a delay of transmission of these scores to UW-Stout and the opportunity to schedule your academic advising appointment.

When should I take the tests? 

New students for fall 2021 may register for the tests beginning March 15, 2021.

Once you’ve registered, and received a username and password from Scantron, you have 180 days to complete any tests. After that you will need to re-register for the exams.

It is recommended that you complete the English, math, and optional world language exams no later than Thursday at noon (12 p.m.) central time for your campus advisor to receive your scores the following week.

Tests should be completed at least 2 weeks prior to your advising appointment to allow for processing.

What technology do I need to have to take the exams?

Our recommendation is that students test on a desktop computer, laptop computer, or tablet, rather than on a phone. Your web browser must be able to accept cookies, JavaScript, and pop-up windows. It is also recommended that you use the most up-to-date version of your web browser. If you are concerned about meeting these technology needs, please complete the accommodations questionnaire and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your technology needs.

How soon after I register for the Placement Exams will I receive information about the online tests?

Within two business days of registering, you will receive an email from Scantron with a username and password for accessing the exams.

What if I have technical difficulties during the test?

Scantron will provide telephone and email support to students during testing. Scantron staff will be available on Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time, Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time, and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Time, excluding holidays. Voicemail will accept student inquiries outside of these business hours.

When will my scores be available?

Your scores will be shared with you during your academic advising appointment.

Why is it important to take the placement exams seriously?

The UW-System Placement Tests have been shown to be very good at determining what English and Math courses a student should take.  Please be sure to use the knowledge that you currently have to answer the questions.  Using outside resources could result in you placing into classes for which you are not prepared.

What if I cannot take my placement tests before my academic advising appointment?

All students are expected to complete their placement testing prior to enrolling in classes. If you believe you can’t complete your placement tests prior to your appointment, please contact us at  or 715-232-1465 to discuss your situation.

Prepare for your Experience

Your Virtual Experience

Registration may be online, but we are excited about the dynamic experience we have to offer you!

Around your Registration date, we are offering a full week of activities to get more familiar with UW-Stout! Here is what you need to know:

  • Your Registration week will run Monday-Friday surrounding your Registration date.
  • You will be added to a Canvas course as your Registration Week nears. This will be your hub to better understand First-Year Registration and complete your class registration.
  • Watch your UW-Stout email! You will receive a “get ready email” in mid-May with more details.

Get Engaged! Join us for the following activities

At the beginning of your registration week, you will receive a message in your UW-Stout email from your first-year advisor with recommended classes, etc. Throughout your registration week, if you have questions, you are strongly encouraged to schedule a 30 minute, 1 on 1 appointment with your advisor. 

To get the most out of your virtual experience attend all the events throughout your registration week. These events will help you better understand the class registration process and connect with UW-Stout.

Links to meetings will be provided on the Canvas Couse and in the invitation from your advisor. Families and guests, watch for an invite to the Family and Support Persons meeting in early May.

Monday, 5:30-6:15 PM: Meet Your Advisor Meeting: Registration 101 Mandatory

This group meeting is the kickoff to your registration week. You will meet your first-year advisor and learn more about the registration process. Meeting links for each advisor can be found in the students FYRO Canvas Online Course.

Monday, 6:30-7 PM: Family and Support Persons Meeting

This meeting will help your family/support persons better understand the class registration process and various resources at UW-Stout. Students may choose to attend this session, but the focus audience is family and support persons.


Join the Meeting

Join the Family and Support Persons Session held each Monday during registration.
Meeting Link

Tuesday or Thursday, 5:30-7 PM: Registration Help Sessions

While most students complete class registration following the instructions within the Canvas course, if you have questions, this live session can assist you as you enroll in your recommended classes. The session will include a demonstration of how to enroll and time to ask questions. The session will be staffed by UW-Stout students and support staff.


Registration Help Session

Join a registration help session held each Tuesday and Thursday during registration.
Join the Session

Software Tools

Download these apps on your phone. These tools will help you to be successful while here at UW-Stout. 

  • Canvas Student: Canvas is our online classroom (similar to blackboard which you may have used in high school).
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams is a Microsoft tool for meetings similar to Zoom. We will be using Teams for our live sessions during orientation.  You will gain access using your Stout credentials after enrollment, prior to enrollment you can access events as a guest in Teams.
  • Navigate: Navigate is your student success tool which you will use to schedule appointments with your advisor, view to-do items and more!  You will gain access using your Stout credentials prior to enrollment.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (2-step/Duo): Security is a top priority at UW Stout and all students are required to use Multi-Factor Authentication. Multi-Factor Authentication, also known as 2-Step Authentication enhances the security of your account by using a secondary device to verify your identity when logging into many of our Stout accounts. This prevents anyone but you from accessing your account, even if they know your password.  

Step Two


We hope to hold Orientation in person later this summer. More detailed information will be provided after Advising and Registration. Continue to monitor your UW-Stout email for the most up to date information.

Meet Your Advisor

Learn who you will be working with during your first-year

University Housing

Learn more about living on campus.

Financial Aid

Learn more about paying for college.


Learn about various dining plans available.